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I used to blog, but it takes too much time if you want to write books.

Patsy is no longer blogging.

I love to read other people's blogs, but when I tried blogging it would take me a whole day to write 1000 words. Maybe I made it too hard. :-) If you miss me you can read some old blogs or go to my Facebook pages. Patricia Harman and also
Patsy Harman (morgantown wv)
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Virtual International Day of The Midwife

Was that awesome! Was anyone on line? I was amazed. I did a talk last night to about 85 midwives around the world. I would have liked to sat down with each person and heard her story. It's still going around the clock for another 8 or 10 hours. You can go on Face Book and type in Virtual International Day of the Midwife and pick it up or listen to all the talks that have happened already...any time.

Yay for all midwives and doulas every where! Blessings. Read More 
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More blogs from patsy

Hello Readers. If you don't hear from me in the blog for awhile I am probably out in the garden planting peas. I will write when I get inspired. You can reach me at my website www.patriciaharman.com or email me at pharmancnm@comcast.net.

Peace. Patsy
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Earth Day!

Only one stop on the tour today and it was the best, Malaprops Bookstore high in the mountains. After a few detours, I found my friend’s home, in Hickory, where I had a bed for the night and then went on to the bookstore in Ashville, another 70 miles down the road. Parking was the problem in this university town; not a place to be found, until I went around the corner of what I thought was the main drag and found a parking garage that cost $7.00!
I was surprised when I entered the crowded establishment. None of the other independent bookstores had more than a trickle of customers, but Malaprops was hopping. A half dozen women were already sitting in the three or four rows of chairs that had been set up in an alcove near the busy beverage bar.
After shaking hands with a few of the audience and learning that many were midwives or doulas, I began my presentation as usual, introducing myself and my new book Arms Wide Open: A Midwives Journey. Read More 
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I greet the light within you.

I take the scenic route to Southern Pines…or my GPS leads me that way…following two lane and four lane roads with stoplights every few miles for the next two hours, but I’m relieved not to be on the freeway. I pass through areas with the usual enterprises, the stores you see everywhere from Oregon to Florida. Lowes, Wal-Mart, Food Lion; Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Burger King. Because I'm hungry, I stop early at Wendy’s for a Carolina Burger; I can’t help myself. I have to find out what it is. You don’t need to be tempted. It’s a regular burger…slimed with chili and slaw, I should say. My husband would love it.  Read More 
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“We all said dumb things when we were young,”

On Thursday I whip through Chapel Hill, Raleigh and Greensboro, all beautiful green cities with huge shade trees and red, pink and white azaleas. The tour is beginning to blur. First I can’t remember which stores were in which towns. Then I can’t remember in which stores I met which people. I’ll have to keep notes.
Fly Leaf in Chapel Hill, was my first stop. Here, I met, greeted and signed books for one aspiring midwife, a professor of public health, two health educators and the book seller, Tina, who’s second part time job is to do arts and crafts and journaling with the pregnant women on long term bed rest at the medical center. What a cool idea! Women who are confined away from their friends, family and other children go stir crazy after a few weeks. Tina’s visits must brighten their days. I tell her that talking with the women, she could probably write her own version of The Blue Cotton Gown. Read More 
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I’m your author tonight...

April 20, 2011, Day Two
“Hi, I’m your author tonight,” I introduce myself to the young man in his thirties behind the counter. He’s slim and tall with sandy hair. A woman, a bit younger, who’s straightening books on a shelf behind him, turns and smiles. Kim and Mike are my booksellers tonight at the Park Road Bookstore in Charlotte.
This is my first stop on my North Carolina tour for my new book Arms Wide Open: A Midwife’s Memoir and I’ve been a bit nervous expecting maybe a dozen or so people to be here. I was prepared to talk about midwifery, the non-violent peace movement of the 1970s, communes, living sustainably on a planet in crisis but it’s going to be a slow night. It’s just Kim and Mike and me in the shop that located in a pleasant strip mall along with a score of other independent shops.
My hosts explain that the pleasant spring weather, may slow things down this evening and set me up on at a small cherry wood table with a high back leather chair near the glass door. A tall stack of my new hardcover book sits on one side and a small stack of my previous one, now in paperback, The Blue Cotton Gown sits on the other. Mike offers me bottled water and I glance at the clock. 7:15. It’s going to be a long night. Read More 
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The view coming over the mountains...

The view coming over the mountains from West Virginia, through Beckley, across the western tip of Virginia and into North Carolina is breath taking. It’s worth the drive even though I have no one to share it with. Tom, my OB/Gyn husband, has to stay at home to man the fort at our Women’s Health Practice and most of my friends work. I stop just south of the crest and pull off on the berm somewhere past Fancy Gap but before Jonesville to stare down at the green valley spreading wide and fertile before me. West Virginia has mountains, ridge after ridge, but nothing like this sudden wide-open space. Soon, I am passing sunset reflected silver water, along a ten-lane freeway with semi-trucks on either side and longing for the two and four-lane highways of home. It is almost dusk…
I’m on a book tour, heading toward Charlotte, for my second book, Arms Wide Open: A Midwife’s Memoir, published by Beacon and released just five days ago. This one goes back to the hippie, homesteading, homebirth days, then fast-forwards to now, a midwife’s story of innocence, survival and hope. I tour not for myself, (the remuneration for authors, unless you’re famous isn’t that great these days). It’s for
women, and families and for midwifery that I speak; for idealists, everywhere, who think there has to be a way for this trouble world to survive. By nine, it is dark and after thirty minutes, lost in the suburbs of Charlotte, I finally pull into an EconoLodge on Clanton Road just off 77. It’s not my preferred motel chain, but it’s cheap and clean, $49.00 a night. I pull on my pajamas, hop into my king size bed and grab my cell phone. “Tom,” I say when my husband answers. “I made it….” Read More 
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