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You can contact Patricia Harman through her email address patsy@patriciaharman.com

Media Inquiries

For inquiries about the Hope River series, contact Lucia Macro at William Morrow lucia.macro@HARPERCOLLINS.com

For inquiries about The Blue Cotton Gown or Arms Wide Open contact Helene Atwan at Beacon Press HAtwan@beacon.org

To schedule appearances or articles by the author
Contact mailto:Camille.collins@harpercollins.com

To schedule blogs or author interviews or book store events
Contact angelle@jkscommunications.com

Patricia Harman

Patricia Harman frequently appears on regional and national radio talk shows and TV as an expert on women's issues. She has been a featured presenter on Doctor's On Call, a WVPB public television program. She lectures on a regular basis to community groups and participants in corporate wellness events. As a former theater and speech major, Ms. Harman is comfortable in front of an audience and is eager to speak about women's health issues.

Sample presentation topics include: Red Hot Mama: Surviving Menopause with Grace, Sex Education 101 for Mothers, Reclaiming Your Sexuality, Self Help for the Super Mom, Update on Women's Health Issues, Healing Birth Trauma, Heath Crisis on a Personal Level

To schedule an interview or presentation, email pharmancnm@comcast.net